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  Georgia Roads
Welcome to Georgia Roads.

Contrary to popular belief, not every stretch of blacktop in Georgia has been given a state highway number. There are, however, an enormous number of state routes. Route numbering in Georgia, unlike U.S. or Interstate Highway numbering, is in no way related to the location or direction of the route.

The Georgia State Highway System was originally planned as a 4,000-plus mile system of roads connecting each county seat. There appear to be only a few set guidelines for route numbering in Georgia. Among them:

  • Every U.S. and Interstate route has a corresponding state designation.
  • Major state routes have one- and two-digit numbers.
  • The interstates are assigned 400-series route numbers.
  • Georgia's GRIP (Developmental) Highways are assigned 500-series route numbers.

For some reason, not all multiplexed routes have their state route numbers signed. For example, you might drive fifteen miles on US 129 / GA 44, see fifteen US 129 signs, and not see any GA 44 signs.

Also contrary to popular belief, Georgia's State Highway System is made up of high-quality, well-maintained roads. If only the same could be said for the county roads that aren't state routes. Having spent the majority of my life in Georgia, South Carolina and Mississippi, I've had the opportunity to travel extensively across the Southeast. It's only my humble opinion, but I've found the majority of Georgia's highways to be very well maintained and extremely easy driving. (I won't denegrate any state's highways, not even Alabama, but I will say that my least favorite state to drive through is Indiana). Anyway...

The purpose of these pages is to provide a plethora of information on Georgia's State Highway System. Please use the menu to the left to navigate this site. For each state highway, I've tried to provide the following information:

  • Where each state highway begins,
  • Where each state highway ends,
  • The total length, in miles and kilometers, for each highway,
  • Any freeway mileage (multi-lane limited-access divided highway mileage, interstate-specs or otherwise),
  • The counties the highway passes through,
  • Any other noteworthy information, such as routes multiplexed with U.S. highways or Interstates, or historical information about some routes.

The information on these pages comes from a variety of sources. I rely heavily on the Georgia D.O.T. State Highway Map. I also use the Rand McNally, National Geographic and AAA Road Atlases (No nasty remarks about AAA please!). Quite a lot of my information is gleaned from personal experience. I travel quite a lot with my work, so a good bit of what you see here comes from that. Some information comes from other road geeks, who will be credited with their info. I also look back to state D.O.T. maps and road atlases from the past for historical information. Mileage figures based on mileages given on various maps, compared for approximations.

Please note: this page is in no way associated with the State of Georgia, the Georgia D.O.T., or any related agency.

This page is dedicated to the memory of William Ivey Collins, my granddad, who worked for the Georgia D.O.T.

Copyright 2003.